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Heart Gift Box

Say "I love you" in the most delightful way to your love or best friend.
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Product Details
Say "I love you" in the most delightful way to your love or best friend. Show how much you care and give our festive heart gift box. Your loved one will taste 8 exquisite brigadeiros with classic chocolates such as:
• Milk chocolate - winner of the Great Taste award
• Dark chocolate
• White chocolate
• Salted Caramel

Brigadeiro is a bite-sized delight that's chocolate style sensational creamy, rich and indulgent. Customize your own Box of Love. Minimum 100g.

*The photos are illustrative.

Shelf Life: We recommend refrigerating the brigadeiros in the fridge due to the presence of dairy products in the recipe and to maintain the smooth texture. Do not expose the product to temperature variations before consuming. Properly store up to 7 days in a closed container in the fridge, but you can enjoy them and serve at room temperature (around 18ºC / 21ºC).

Ingredients: sweetened condensed milk, fresh cream, butter and Callebaut chocolate (cocoa solids & cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar and natural vanilla). Contains dairy and soya, may contain traces of nuts, peanuts and gluten. It does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours or compounds. Suitable for vegetarians.

All our products are made to order and dispatched in 3 - 5 working days.

** Special requests such as birthday gifts, party favours or others, please contact us so that we can arrange a shipment and a safe arrival date. Remembering that when you buy our products, you also hire the services of a third-party carrier. They guarantee an arrival of 2 - 4 working days. If your parcel does not arrive within this shipping timeline from the carrier it is totally out of our control and we will try to resolve it as best we can. Thank you.

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