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Unmissable Workshop: Immerse Yourself in the Sweetness of Norfolk's Community

Emporium Norwich workshop

The Charm of Brigadeiro: A Tasty Lesson!

In our workshop, we delve into the universe of brigadeiros. Amidst smiles and enthusiasm, we teach the art of rolling brigadeiros, sharing techniques and secrets that make this treat so special. It was a class filled with laughter and learning, where each participant became a master in creating these irresistible delights.

Promoting the Taste for Gastronomy: Unforgettable Tasting!

In addition to practical lessons, we also offer a sensory gastronomic experience. The carefully curated tasting allowed participants to explore a variety of our exclusive products. From our artisan chocolates to the unique flavours of our coffees and teas, each bite and sip was a true celebration of aromas and flavours.

Connections That Strengthen Our Community

The workshop was not just about brigadeiros and tastings; it was about connections. It was incredible to see how the event brought together people of different ages and experiences, sharing stories and creating bonds while learning together.

We look forward to continuing to promote sweet and valuable experiences that strengthen the bonds among us. Stay tuned for more events that make our community even sweeter!

Come join us at the next opportunity and discover how our events are truly a celebration of life and flavours!

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