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  • What is Brigadeiro?
    BREE-GAH-DAY-RO is a traditional Brazilian style artisanal chocolate with a creamy, rich and indulgent texture. They are made of condensed milk, fresh cream, butter and chocolate. The products are all fresh, the process of making them involves cooking, hand-rolling and are usually molded into small balls covered with chocolate sprinkles and placed in a petit case, one by one.
  • What is the size of each Brigadeiro?
    Our chocolates are made by hand, rolled up one by one and their size can change depending on the topping we use to cover them, but basically each one is about 14gr (one to two bites).
  • Where is Emporium Norwich based?
    Emporium Norwich Chocolate & Gift shop is based at Hellesdon Barns - NR6 5 BB, Norwich - Norfolk UK. Also we ship to all UK.
  • Why are Emporium Norwich chocolates so special?
    We made our chocolates with the real and pure finest Callebaut chocolate, high quality and fresh material and also we use ingredients from local suppliers supporting the local community. Each Brigadeiro has a unique flavour to match with the perfect percentage of cocoa.
  • Do brigadeiros need to be refrigerated?
    Yes, keep them refrigerated in a closed container to maintain your Brigadeiros with a soft and smooth texture. Eat fresh! Best if consumed within 8 to 10 days from production date. Brigadeiros can be stored in the freezer for up to 2 months. To defrost, place it the fridge for about 1hr. Remove from the fridge and bring them back to to room temperature before eating (around 17ºC / 21ºC). We at Emporium Norwich love to enjoy them cold!
  • Can I order to be shipped at a later date?
    Yes, you can place you order and select the shipping date.
  • Why does it takes 3 to 5 days to ship?
    Our products are artisanal, completely handmade. We only produce on demand.
  • What is your return policy?
    It is very important to us that you experience fresh Brigadeiro and that it ALWAYS arrives in good condition. As soon your order arrived and you realized it is damaged, please send us a picture and tell us why you want a refund, within 48 hours for our assessment. After our evaluation we might fully refund you. e-mail: We do not provide replacement or refund for orders returned to us by the shipping carrier. Please ensure to use the correct address and follow the order using the tracking information sent to your email. Orders sent to the wrong recipient or location will NOT be replaced.
  • How does shipping works?
    Shipping £5.99 — £11.49 - United Kingdom *The carrier might take 2 to 4 business days to deliver you. Any delay by the carrier will not be our responsibility. All our products are made to order and dispatched in 3 - 5 working days. * During busy times, such as Easter and Christmas, products are shipped within 5 business days of purchase. IMPORTANT: We only ship between Wednesdey to Thursday, to prevent our product from sitting in a shipping warehouse and ensuring that they are fresh when they arrive at your door. Therefore, we do not send them on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Then orders received after Thursday will be dispatched automatically next Wednesday. If you want us to send our products on any other day, for any urgent order, contact us by WhatsApp or send an email as soon as you place your order to inform us about it and remember: Any delay due to the post is totally out of our control. e: w: 07543 230155 We will be happy to answer you.
  • Dietary restrictions and ingredients
    Depending on the topping, the brigadeiro might contain gluten, soya and nuts. Other products such as Brigadeiro Biscuits and Cookies also contain gluten. It contains dairy, may contain traces of gluten, eggs and peanut. Nuts are not part of all of our recipes and we do our best to avoid any cross contamination. All of our flavours are made in a home kitchen that is exposed to nuts and some of our products contain Pistachios, Walnut and Roasted Peanuts. So, there may be traces of nuts. It also may contain fruits, and other flavouring ingredients. It does not contain preservatives, artificial flavors, or compounds. It is Alcohol-free and suitable for vegetarians. The base recipe for our Brigadeiros contains sweetened condensed milk, Belgian chocolate Callebaut, fresh cream and butter. The base of our regular chocolates such as Barks and Bars are usually: cocoa solids, cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar and natural vanilla. It does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, or compounds. Contains dairy and soya, may contain traces of nuts, peanuts and gluten. Please check the description of each product before going to checkout.
  • Can I pick up my order?
    You can pick-up your order in our Chocolate & Gift shop at Hellesdon Barns - NR6 5BB with a scheduled date and time. Pick up orders take 3 - 5 working days to process. Get in touch to check the viability to get your order earlier. - You will receive our full address by email after your purchase.
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