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We ship UK wide. Emporium Norwich Artisan Chocolate & Coffee Shop at Hellesdon Barns NR65BB 

Nationwide Shipping by Mail

We ship to anywhere in the United Kingdom. Orders take between The carrier might take 2 to 4 business days to deliver you. You will receive a tracking number to follow the status of your order.

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Plan your delivery

Plan ahead and order a gift for someone in advance. Yes, during checkout you can choose a shipping date.

About us

A passion for Chocolate

Hello, my name is Marcela da Costa, I am Brazilian and I have been living in Norwich for almost seven years. This pretty city that is now my home has brought me so much growth and many beautiful moments.

Remembering our childhood is always special and when I look back to the past and see myself, I can see through the eyes of little Marcela. A little girl who grew up in a country town and who for years saw her mother pick up the ingredients straight from the supermarket shelves and turn them into delicious magic, which for some reason made people happier and more delighted.

When I started helping her, I discovered her “secret” ingredient and I finally understood the reason for all the smiles she got. It was the affection she felt for the people who would receive her sweets and treats.

Mirroring her, I got to know new ingredients. I was able to study more and therefore I developed new recipes and methods, which enhance the flavour of each product.

But there is something that our chocolates have that make them unique; our family, our seasoning, our secret. It is incredible to see you smiling and ecstatic when the taste of our chocolate conquers you.
It is as if you invited me to your most special occasions, to come into your home and have supper with you. By sharing our passion we are sharing unique moments with you and the ones you love the most.



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